One of the questions that now and then pops up is to understand whether or not we are happy with what we are doing. Sometimes this is also with our activity as lawyers involved in arbitration.

Arbitration as any other type of an activity that requires high amounts of energy, physical, mental and emotional can drain you out, or burn you out, you have to know yourself and know your limits.

Which means first to know when to say no, and when to say yes.

This is is really easy said than done, you are afraid that if you don’t talk in a given venue, that if you don’t write in a given review, or that if you just say no to an appointment as an arbitrator or as a lawyer, you will be doomed.

Is it possible to wake up and say to yourself:

What a wonderful week ahead representing my clients!

Drafting a memoranda!

Preparing for the hearings!

Yes it could be possible, but how to get there?

The first element and the idea I want to share with you is that be proud of the great work you will be doing, with that idea in your head, it could be possible to think that whatever happens down the road you did a work that first of all you are proud of.

Being proud of your work means, that you worked smart, with passion, with drive and with energy, with the elements that were handed to you, and with that you did all what was possible in your capacities.

So, if you are proud of your work and what you are doing, then the feeling and the mindset is positive, much of the people involved in arbitration are high achievers, prone to perfection, with that we want to control everything, even the outcome.

Learning to let go, and be proud of your work is a start. Be proud of your effort and that you did all you can do for your client.

Remember, arbitration is just a tool for dispute settlement, which means is a means to an end, don’t change the end for the means, care for yourself!

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