The Mooting experience is one of a kind, and these days can be made either in person or a la distance, never miss the chance to put yourself to the test, especially in the oral hearings part, being in front of a panel of arbitrators is one of a kind experience, is like a roller-coaster were you have the opportunity to try your oral skills.

However, given the social distancing policies occurring around the globe the experience of having oral hearings in person might become somewhat difficult to have, but there is always a good side of the spectrum.

Being on site for oral hearings means that a lot of energy must be put forward, and especially for those that are studying and are on a budget, traveling expenses are a hurdle that is quite hard to overcome.

The good side, given the current times, you can circumvent somehow such financial struggle, there is no need to travel to be part of such great experience, yes I know, it might not be the same, however, don’t miss the chance.

Take the opportunity to register to the different Moots taking place in the virtual form, like the prestigious and world known Willem C. Vis Moot, which given the pandemic, will be hosting the 2nd ever Virtual Vis Moot.

So if you didn’t have the opportunity to be part of the Vis Moot due to some financial struggles, this might be an excellent time to take part of this amazing journey. At the end of the day, this virtual experience of conducting or being part of oral hearings taking place virtually is something that you will experience in real arbitrations.

Don’t miss the chance and be part of this great Moot competition!

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