As I said before, there are many strategies to make way into the great world of international disputes, one of these strategies is to be part of writing competitions, some of them are dedicated to actually writing arbitral awards, and others directed at an academic level. Both are great opportunities to train yourself in one of the elements that are needed within arbitration, and in general to every lawyer, which is writing!

An excellent opportunity is the Young ITA (Institute for Transnational Arbitration) Writing Competition “New Voices in International Arbitration”, this competition happens every year, and if you get to win, well you are awarded USD $3,000.00, books by Kluwer, and USD $1,500.00 for traveling expenses in order to be part of the ITA anual meeting taking place in Dallas every June.

But, to be part of this writing competition you need to be part of Young ITA, but do not be afraid, it is actually for free until you become less younger and turn 40, so if you are in your 20s and 30s, you can be part of Young ITA at no cost, and this will also help in your involvement to institutions that are active in the arbitration world.

To find out more and how to register click here choose the option Young ITA and get involved into all the great events happening with them.

As to the nits and bits of the competition you need to follow these basic rules:

1 Minimum 3,500 words up to 25,000 words, excluding footnotes

2 You can choose any theme that you like regarding commercial or investment arbitration

3 The deadline is 15th January, so you have enough time!

4 Must be written in English.

5 Need to be submitted in word and pdf formats to

My recommendation is that you try to be part of this writing competition every now and then, so you can train yourself in one precious aspect of the legal profession. You will kill two birds with one stone, train yourself on your writing skills and second, be part of a community of young arbitrators!

I wish you all the best!

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