Dear reader, let me introduce this new venture called, blogging about arbitration and international dispute settlement.

Yes it is another blog out the millions around internet this days. And yes it is another initiative about arbitration, as many other great initiatives out there, you name it: blogs, Youtube channels, podcasts, Law Journals, web pages, associations, etcetera.

However, this one, seeks to be the place for you to find answers ranging from the practical level on what is arbitration, to more technical aspects about dealing with arbitration in general.

This means, that you will find the different issues to be dealt here more readable and accesible giving you all the possible insights for your journey in this fascinating world of arbitration and in general terms international dispute settlement.

This means that we will explore issues from commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, state to state arbitration, meaning disputes taking place in other types of forums. However, the main agenda is to help you in finding your way in this exciting world of international dispute settlement, which is broader than you actually think.

Enjoy the read!

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